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Higher Selves and Spirit Guides

Our spirit guides are assigned to us before we are born into this existence. Our spirit guides can be someone brand new to you, a spirit that has this specific type of soul contract with you (soul contracts explanation coming soon). They can also be a family member that decided to assist you. However, we usually have 3 to 4 spirit guides. And usually only one communicates with you at a time. 

Communicating with your spirit guides is nice and can assist you for they are your guides and it is good to know them but, it is not necessary. If you are going to get into channeling and reading people it is vital, in my opinion, to get in contact with your higher self first. 

The Higher self is the aspect of your soul that knows all. The God-like aspect of your soul. It resides in the higher dimensions but is always connected to you. Therefore, you can always communicate with it. 

The reason why I say it is vital if you are getting into channeling and readings is because when you realize and strengthen that connection with your higher self and you, you automatically create a firewall that differentiates “dark entities” posing as light beings from actual light beings. When reading someone you should be connecting with that person’s higher self for it knows all that goes on with the person and all that will come. 

There are many ways to get in contact with your higher self. Some psychics may introduce you to them but you can get in touch yourself if you’d like. Here’s one way I like. 

Have a journal handy. Sit in silence or you could play some nice meditation music. You are about to go into meditation. Now imagine you are sitting at a palm tree on a beach. It is a solitary palm tree on a long stretch of beach. Feel the warm breeze on your skin. Look at the ocean. You then realize the presence of someone. This someone can be an actual person or just energy. You feel it is strong and it approaches you. This is your higher self. This is when you ask it questions. Ask anything you’d like about your journey. Write this down.

Once this connection is built you can channel and read all you want. And yours and other higher selves can be felt without the meditation at will. You can read and channel even without having that connection with your higher self but, once this connection is established it is much safer. 


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